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Just a few highlights from the #BeAMan hashtag I began tonight on twitter. Inspired by this video by The Representation Project about the burden of masculinity on boys. Come join the discussion! 

All this.


So it seems everyone who likes me, in a crush or romantic way, always prefers me in jeans-and-a-tee rather than dresses or girly things. And some part of me feels rebellious about this. A couple days ago someone told them they only flirt with girls dressed in pants, so of course yesterday when I went shopping every single article of clothing that caught my eye was silky, lacy, and/or pink. It’s not on purpose. I think it’s because previous boyfriends constantly criticized what I wore, and because I wore actual boys’ clothes in high school, that in the last few years I’ve started dressing pretty. I’ve been doing it even more-so since I got my hair cut really short. I dunno, maybe it’s just because I don’t like tight/restrictive clothing during spring/summer. Maybe some part of me wants to test if they’ll still find me attractive in different clothes?